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June 27, 2021, 1PM 

The Atrium Event Center
5479 Memorial Drive 
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

RUSSELL M TYSON Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Starring as Rodney Watkins WRITER, DIRECTOR, and PRODUCER

Russell M. Tyson, “The Talented Tenth” of Atlanta.  Residing in his native land of Atlanta, Georgia; Russell serves as a trailblazing entrepreneur of Nspired Images, Nubian TV, J&R Grafixs, and the establishing nonprofit JSCT Scholarship Program, Russell from a lad has always dreamed and achieved this vision to be a better him in spite of his obstacles, he has developed himself as a profound playwright, director, producer, graphic and web designer.  More in Russell’s journey, he has had the privilege to serve in the United States Navy as a Cryptologist, minister, a member of Cantemos Singers of the North Georgia United Methodist, model of Model Mayhem, a former member of the NAACP, SCLC, ACLC, PMA, Hands on Atlanta, campaign manager for senator candidate and the most value title of his life is a father. Russell stands as the proud father of Jaylan and Rhyanna Tyson; through the love and memory of his late wife Jaime Clark Tyson.  Russell has landed roles in "Heat of the Night," Youth In Deliema Cable TV, has hosted the Befta TV Awards show, starred in the stage play "True Love," and has starred in "The Marcus Garvey Story."  Also, he has written and produced "A Changed Mind," "The Mannequin," "Drifting on the Memories," "Healing," 'Queen Bee/Damnation."  In the near future, you can also prepare for Russell to enter into the film industry more.   You can find Russell elevating through life through his own quote “Allow your negative to be your positive.”