Nspired Images is true to its values, "To encourage, expose and educate through entertainment."  That we have learned the financial challenges of one of the most historical black contributing churches in Atlanta.  We are working together to ensure that this empowering sanctuary for the community is not closed due to finances. 

Ariel Bowen United Methodist Church, located in the heart of Atlanta, 384 Arthur Street.  With a history of 139 years in worship, fellowship and training.  ABUMC is not only known as a house of worship but an educational facility for African American children.   Named after the late heroic woman, Ariel Serena Hedges Bowen: writer, activist, and a music professor at Clark Atlanta University. Her Upbringing in faith comes from a Presbyterian led by her father.  His gifts allowed him to build various of churches throughout the east coast, Prelude in leadership from her grandfather that served in the Mexico War. Mrs. Bowen was no stranger to the insight of faith and serving as a warrior that her bloodline stems from generations in both cases.  Holding a plethora of accreditations, Ms. Bowen true divine purpose actually was to educate. 

With much homogeneous to Ariel Bowen, it is our honor to acknowledge that our head playwright and former CEO, Russell M Tyson carries the same characteristic in today’s era.  A writer who educates through the Arts. has granted Nspired Images to present on July 8, 2022, 8pm and July 9, 2022, 2pm and 6pm in beautiful .  Russell will be hosting his hit stage play, “A Changed Mind,” at this historical church.  That he once belonged and served in.  Being one to draw from the church but never ministry, Russell has devoted to ensure Ariel Bowen continue to serve in the Pittsburgh Community, in which he was raised in.  Within this low- income environment, Russell stands on ABUMC legacy that it serves within this historical community.   From clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and give water to the thirsty; as a church body should. 

In closing, we invite you to not only support a play that will be held in Ariel Bowen United Methodist Church Sanctuary, but to support a purpose of why we are doing this show.  We are generating funding to help keep this church doors open and continue to bring light to whom this church has named itself after, Mrs. Ariel Serena Hedges Bowen.   Moreover, Nspired Images to continue to serve under its mission to inspire the aspiring artist of tomorrow.  Therefore, all talents are local and aspiring.  So, yes, they need your support as well.  We don’t only stand to entertain we stand to not be erased!  Join us by purchasing a ticket of $25 becoming a sponsor $200, and/or just making a donation (Any amount).  Your support will assist in church debt, repairs and future social gathering to ensure that Ariel Bowen doesn’t revisit this challenge.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!


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