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​The Atlanta Missing & Murdered Memorial Processional is a solemn event that honors the Memory of the Missing & Murdered Children and Young Adults. We welcome Local Funeral Businesses to participate in this meaningful Event by presenting a Hearse/Flower Bed Car in our Quarter Mile Processional. Join us in paying tribute to those who are no longer with us, lining up at 5pm, traveling north of Ponce De Leon. In honor of the victims of this tragic event, we are seeking to provide twenty-nine hearses and two flower bed cars to represent each individual. We hope we never have to face such tragedy in our city again. In exchange for your humanity, your company logo will be featured on the home page of our hosting website:

In this year's Annual Atlanta's Missing & Murdered Memorial Processional. We want to highlight Funeral Business Owners Past/Present.  This will enhance the compelling content of this event by featuring the images of your beloved Funeral Business Owners in the 31-car processional.  We ask that you provide an image on a banner that drapes over your car that features your FBO name and image.  If they are living, we ask the drapery to be Red and/or if they are decease, we ask it to be Black.  Help us pay respect to our local funeral businesses. 

Lineup Location: 5pm

725 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

You will meet with our Processional Director who will be your communication with the Missing & Murdered Children Memorial Festival & Processional. 

Processional will start at 5:45pm - 6pm

Ending at Historical Fourth Ward Park 

665 North Avenue NE Atlanta, Georgia

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