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We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who will be participating in this profound community parade. Your commitment to uplifting, educating, and creating for our community is truly inspiring and appreciated. Your willingness to contribute your time and energy to this event makes it a success. We thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to making the parade a memorable experience for everyone. Your support is invaluable and we are grateful for your involvement in this special event. Thank you for your interest in making a difference in our community.

REGISTRATION SPECIALIST - 6 Registration Specialists are needed to ensure parade participants are properly identified, have signed waivers, are in the correct uniform, and receive meal tickets.

MEAL SPECIALIST - 6 Meal Specialists are needed to ensure all parade participants are properly identified to receive a meal.

COMMUNITY AGENT - This agent is appointed to a corner of each block to report anything that raises a concern for the people's safety. Also, this person reports to the parade director to hold the parade. (20 walkie talkies will be available. All agents will have access to a direct safety measure number.

MASCOT SPECIALIST - Mascot Specialists are needed to ensure the well-being of the person of the parade. This person will be responsible for the care of this individual. walkie talkie will be provided to the individual

RELUDE SPECIALIST - The Relude Specialists are needed to ensure that every participate at the end of the parade receives a token of appreciation. 6 individuals needed

VIP CONCIERGE - The VIP Concierge are needed to ensure that only VIPs are granted to be in area and receives gift bags. (base on the number of stages we receive)

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