We are so honored to know you are interested in celebrating your independence with us!  Each year, we give a way our event shirts to our selected registered guests. 

As well as, we are giving away our kids fishing rods for kids age 3 - 6, and some older kids.  


 - Everything is first come first serve.  So, there is no reservation to find our party but we have an assigned phone number you can reach us. (404)519-0015.

- You are allowed to bring your own dish, lawn chairs, blankets, tables, chalk coal grill only, plastic containers; if you like.  ALCOHOL and ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE ARE PROHIBITED.


- We do offer our first 20 registered guest a Parking Pass.  That saves you $5.  REGULAR PRICE $5

PLEASE NOTE: AGAIN, THIS IS A BUSY STATE PARK.  PARKING FILLS UP FACE.  BASED ON THE LOCATION WE ARE IN.  You may be a mile away in walking distance to join in the action. So, from 10am - 11:30am.  We will have a representative at the gate to give your parking pass.   WE ONLY AHVE 20. 


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