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THE ROYALTY PARADE is in support to black-owned non-profit organizations in the heart of our community. We aim to host an annual parade with the purpose of generating advertisement, funding, and respect from the community. Through our parade, we provide a platform for people to come together to

Nspiring the Youth
Nspiring Families

celebrate their culture, music, and art. We also use this event to raise funds for local charities and support our neighbors. Our mission is to create an event that is by us and for us. Join us in our mission to bring our community together and support those in need.

We invite you to register today and be a part of something special. Not only will you get to experience the joy of participating in the parade, but you will also benefit from a unique opportunity to generate income for your organization. Register today, and you will receive 15% of every clicked registration. Yes, your registration is tax-deductible through our partnered non-profit Crowns for Purpose

  • Youth Programs

  • Veterans/Active Service Care

  • ​Women Rights

  • Gun Control 

  • Domestic Violence

  • Black Voting Rights

  • Higher Education/Scholarships

  • Single Father/Mother

  • Disease Awareness

  • Stop Bullying Campaign

  • Senior Care

  • Health Care

  • Firefighters Raise

  • Police Brutality

  • Cornel West for President

  • Animals Rights

  • Law Enforcement Engagement

  • Black Arts

  • More

Collection of Trophies

​All of the Affiliated Nonprofits will receive weekly reports and distribution Every Friday.  In the category of Parade Involvement your organization can win  $2500.00 and be honored at the Annual Nspired Image Awards, held June 15, 2024


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