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Allow us to be the first to send our congratulations to you, from the Nspired Images Inc and the Nspired Image Awards Association, on your nomination!
YOU or Someone that highly think of you, has nominated you for the 2023 - 2024 Nspired Image Awards! 

In our search for our Finalists, we are seeking artists that share a sense of humanity from feeding the life challenged, to just taking the time to bring awareness to our community.  Therefore, by accepting your nomination, you will become a nominee.   

For achieving this phase.  You will receive 10% off any of our upcoming events

PHASE 1: Acceptance of all Nominations
You will need a professional headshot,  a performance video that matches your category.  

PHASE 2: Public Voting 
You will have 2 weeks to solicit your votes.  There is no fee for no one to vote.   This will offer data to the industry with the number of supporters you can gain support from within two weeks. 

Phase 3: Electoral Voters
We have anonymous voters who serve in the industry at the community to a mainstream level that will now vote on the videos that you have submitted.   Then, leads us to announce the top four highest scores.  

Phase 4: The Win
We will host this exciting awards that will announce the Winner of the top 4 of Phase 3.  With those who cannot attend, they may submit an 1minute acceptance speech by video.  
PLEASE ensure you understand the dress code for Red Carpet
We are Non-Union
We DO NOT cover any phase expenses for any individual
WE DO NOT announce any winners until the awards announcement
WE DO NOT allow anyone on the red carpet that is NOT in theme

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