What's Goes Around... Comes Around
Written by Russell M Tyson


slit-dress-54131 copy.png
A Tragicomedy Production that will keep you on your edge!  The storyline is based on the prosperity of a deceitful wealthy widow, Elizabeth Hands.  As this character you will love to hate in the first 3 minutes.  The message behind this production, comes from that ol' time saying, "what's goes around... comes!"

When a woman claims she wants world peace, but it's clear she wants a piece of the world.

This freshly established widow always knew what type of life she wanted and by any means necessary she was going to get it.  In the sudden death of oncologist Dr. Timothy Hands, it was took no time for "Elizabeth" to reap what she have sowed.  Until... All we can say is "Do unto others as you have them do unto you" or you to can find yourself in this Damnation. 


  • A Day At Work

  • When It's Cold Outside

  • We Didn't Finish Talking Last Night

  • Millionaire Affair

  • What Goes Around... Comes Around

  • Damnation