APRIL 24TH  3PM  &  7PM



MAY 22ND  3PM  &  7PM

A Soul-Stirring Production that will have you spellbound by its performance.  The storyline is based on the Watkins' Family that resides in Atlanta in 2016.  A Family with much fame and money; allow them to take you into their lives. As they face obstacles that we face in our everyday lives. Sadness, happiness, peace, deceit, betrayal... the message is truly clear Don't wait until you lose everything to Find God. 


Don't Wait Until You Lose Everything to find God
Written by 
2006, 2009, 2012, 2016, 2020

Allow us to take you into the lives of our character. 

As they face matters that we face in our everyday lives. Living their lives with happiness, joy, peace, deceit, pain, and disgruntled. 

SceneBreak Down

  • Is It Worth Your Soul

  • Driftin' On The Memories

  • I Don't Know How 

  • Get The Hell Out

  • Trying to be a Good Friend

  • Speak Lord 

  • You Need "A Changed Mind"

  • I Can't Live Without You



This "celebrity" African American Family, with the head of the house Rodney Watkins, a big-time producer, finds himself

living the nightmare of what is to become of his life.  Rodney is married to Dana Watkins, a woman who has sacrificed a lot to be a good wife and stepmother to her new family.  Yet, she finds herself in a battle with her

stepdaughter Monica.  Monica, being that teenage female who is feeling herself with her own dark secrets that she carries.  The hell in this house is truly some everyday life matters issues. 


This two-hour production will leave you spelled bounded with its creativity, talent, and clear message: Don't wait until you lose everything to find God.  

Song List

  • Is It Worth Your Soul - Written by Russell M Tyson

  • Move Mountain - Written by Russell Tyson & Yolando Morton

  • Touch - Written by Russell M Tyson 

  • Hold On - Written by Rev. James Pullins Jr 

  • Put Your Trust In Jesus - Written by Elder Travis Clark

  • Change Me - Written by Wakeelah Shabazz & Russell Tyson 

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