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Nspired Image Awards Association is a prestigious awards program that celebrates and honors the Black & Brown Community. Our mission is to provide an upscale and inspiring celebration of their culture, recognizing the achievements and contributions of individuals and organizations. We are seeking a Safe Service License caterer that can assist in ensuring a wonderful experience.

Seeking: Experienced caterers who can create a creative mouth-watering Juneteenth selection of regular and vegan hors d'oeuvres that makes the VIPs feel like royalty.


Who should apply? 
The sought out catering service must be a self-service license catering that has an excitement to introduce a new and flavorful menu for our VIPs experience.  This caterer must be willing to showcase a diversity of traditional cuisine with a Juneteenth concept, featuring red foods such as BBQ and smoked dishes, as well as soul food sides that cater to both regular and vegan guests.  Your service must help us brand our VIP experience that next year everyone would want to be a part of our VIP Experience. Serving as the caterer, you must provide your own Stainless-Steel Chafers (preferable gold) and offer a professional upscaled presentation setup which includes a fruit presentation centered around watermelon.  Additionally, we require a full setup to be in place between 2pm - 4:30pm

As our house Dessert Company, Missy Cakes LLC will conduct all of the desserts. 


June 21, 2025, 4515 Stone Mountain Hwy Lilburn, Georgia



40 of 180 is paid by Nspired Image Awards Association
All others are by ticket sale and will NOT know the accurate count until June 10, 2025 

$25 per person for catering

We do offer our General Guests the opportunity to receive appetizers from our Red Food crudités platters. Which is a first come, first serve with no maintaining.
If you would like to propose your service for our General Guests   

Access to a private prepping area (Refrigerator, Microwave, and prep table) 

For the VIP Section only, we will provide 24 Burners, 200 7.5in plastic plates, gold linen napkins, utensils, 12ft table setup for food.

We do market your brand on our website as the VIP Caterer, which your logo will need to be provided if selected. 

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