Nspired Images is devoting itself to financially support young black graduates prep for their college endeavors.  As we verify their admission to attend a college/university/trade, as many have gained scholarship, financial aid and other.  But it doesn't aid in dormitory readiness, travel, supplies that will be needed to prep for their new endeavors.  Therefore, The Hidden Treasure Campaign is a solicitation from family, friends and others that believe in being a village towards youth that has faced challenges and overcome them.  From living in poverty, abusive households, bullied, parents murdered by police, suicidal attempts, disease,  To conquer in maintaining at 2.5 or greater GPA, tribute to their family, community involvement, and/or devoting themselves into their own prosperity in spite of their obstacles. 
Nspired Images will take a percentage of its advance proceeds from the hit stage play, A CHANGED MIND and present it to each child at the show during intermission.  This presentation will include a large check, a treasure chest that holds all forms of toiletries and school supplies, with a standing ovation recognition from the audience.  Providing to our audience a reason in why we are honoring them.  For they are a hidden treasure within this society.  Each youth will receive 4 tickets to the show not knowing we are going to recognize them.  Your support is needed.  BUY A TICKET  OR MAKE A DONATION TO SUPPORT.   Saturday, July 6, 2022, 7:30pm the Atrium Event Center 5479 Memorial Dr Stone Mountain, GA 30083.