Devoted to Encourage, Expose, and Educate, through Entertainment.


Our objective is to provide communities with affordable, creative, and inspirational entertainment.  Through this project's presentations, We offer opportunities through live entertainment through one's dramatic acting and singing.   This production displays the fictional but realistic issues of families, individuals, couples, and friends; face in their everyday lives.  The dark secrets that those in the middle and poverty community faces as well.  Our mission is to give encouragement to those individuals in dreaming or living in wealth NOT TO LOSE GOD.  Keep God first in all that we do.  And it all starts with:

A CHANGED MIND is an original life-changing stage play centered in the upscale area of Atlanta, Georgia.  Starring RODNEY WATKINS, a well-known R&B producer.  Rodney is a newly-wed husband to Dana Reid Watkins a former attorney who sacrificed to be a supportive and protecting wife and stepmother.  In this year of Rodney's high achievements, Rodney finds himself facing the most difficult time of his life, the offer to have a discrete relationship with his "SECRETary", ELAINE GIVENS - RAY.    Elaine is more than a secretary to Rodney, she carries one of Rodney's darkest and deceitful secrets that if she was to ever expose it. The life Rodney lives of an everyday man's dream will soon become any man's nightmare.  The clear message of what this stage play delivers is "Don't wait until you lose everything to find God. 

SEEKING This production involves bold and talented thespians with some requiring singing abilities.  We would like to add to our players' roster, thespian that have experience, if not experience the talent and discipline to be within a production 

This Character involves singing *

Starring Rodney Watkins Mid 30's African American masculine male, 5'9 - 6'0, athletic- muscular built

A big-time music producer who battles the good and bad side of his luxury life. In matters of his past and present; something has to give to have a better future. (He has a shirtless scene, fights scene, involves slap scene) (Ethnicity is not negotiable)


Co-Starring Dana Reid ~ Watkins * Mid 30's African American female, 5'8 - 6'0, petite - athletic built.

A woman who had it all and gave it all up to help build her husband's career finding out her sacrifice wasn't good enough for him to stay home. (Ethnicity is non-negotiable) 

Featuring Monica Watkins II 10-year-old African American The young girl who loves her family but really can't stand her brother

Featuring Monica Watkins I * 18-year-old African American female, petite - athletically built. Battling for the love and attention of her father, this teenage student has adapted to the luxury life. That the world revolves around her and all that she has. But, what she really wants is her dad's attention and she feels she can't have it because of other women in her life.

Featuring Jacob Watkins II 9-year-old African American male That spoil and stubborn young man who feels his duty in life is to get on his sister's nerves.


Featuring Tina Glass * Mid 30's
God-fearing woman who loves herself


Supporting Roles William Ray * the Mid 30s–40s man. 

A profound doctor that cherishes his family and old school values of what a man should be like. (involved in the fight scene)


Supporting Elaine Given Ray mid 30's African American female, petite -average. The woman who is all about the glitz and glam

Supporting Michelle Reid * Early 50s-60s, short-tempered Christian lady that does not bite her tongue for anyone (involved in fight scene)


Supporting Donald Reid mid 50's – 60’s,

the reverend who live by strong family and spiritual values, yet it’s nothing to him flipping the script when anyone goes against his values. (involved in fight scene)


Tamara Green 17-year-old Caucasian female that loves parties, fashion, money, and DRAMA